Saturday, July 9, 2011

lame || "Friday Is Forever" - We The Kings

About 1234567...8hours ago I was sitting on my bed (with a sweet in my mouth) waiting for my dad to let me use the com. Which is, like, the worst place ever to wait for anything if you want to stay awake while waiting.

So I went to the kitchen to make miloffee, which is milo:coffee, 4 : 1

Or it was supposed to be in that ratio. 'Cause after scooping the milo I usually just pour the coffee from the jar (can't use the same spoon to scoop coffee and milo). But I was so sleepy I didn't really watch out when pouring, so WHOOOOOOOOOOOSH suddenly half the cup was COFFEE.

I decided to drink it anyway LOL. Turns out...

It would taste like starbucks mocha, but you'd have to be drunk first.

It tasted like CRAPPPPPP.

I think my tongue died a little HAHA but it was fun drinking it. After I added like 10 more scoops of milo xD

I went back to bed and

even more amazing than the fact that I drank that thing, is that I FELL ASLEEP AFTER DRINKING IT

It's funny thinking about it now but HAHAHA I guess the only thing that'll keep me up mugging now is...what, munching coffee beans LOL.

I don't know if the coffee fiasco had anything to do with it, but this morning I woke up with four lines of "Ours" - Taylor Swift playing in my head. I don't remember what I dreamt though O.O

I'm going to brush my teeth three times a day till D-DAY (dentist day)

Yesterday was T-DAY! (tkd day) This time I went with jiax to J8. While we were eating dinner she told me about her brother, and how he was really worrying her by --. I found that I couldn't help but defend him. Because it seems to me that isn't something you should be forcing him to do, it's unreasonable to expect that of him.

Because I realised I could relate to him LOL. When I was explaining I started talking about stuff. I got super super emotional. When I finished jiax looked at me and smiled. You don't meant what you said, do you.

No. I laughed. But it would be easier if I did.

But after thinking about it I realised, no, I would a completely different person if I did.

Well, I'm glad that I'm me, then :) Which is a sickeningly self-satisfied thing to say, but heyyy.

We talked a little about tahan, but it was mainly about wilson trail which I was trying to get her to go for LOL. She may not 'cause she's flying to two countries trying to save the world. LOL.

Tahan after Tahan (pun not intended) is like this: recces on wednesdays, normal training on mondays with statics. Which is okay, considering.

Considering my grades, which is currently BUABUA. I have a feeling I'm being laughed at.

The stupidest thing about this is that my A is chinese. Actually the scariest thing about it is that all the non-U's are marks that probably haven't been updated yet.

I can take a coffee overdose and kill myself now, or I can study like mad and kill myself by the end of the year. Since the end result is the same I'd rather do the latter, I want to live a little longer and watch my brain cells - the little suckers - work their cytoplasm off.

Oh, right. Considering :D

Recces will be sweating in the sun and walking down deserted paths to insanely far places. I can't wait. I kid you not. Because that'll be where our juniors will be walking next year MUAHAHAHA.

Anyway recently I tried to play scissors paper bird stone. Turns out it doesn't work because bird gets killed by everything except itself and stone.

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