Wednesday, July 13, 2011

kinda high || "Runaway" - Love and Theft

Heart to heart with xinyi.

Heart to heart with xinyi and chunhui.

I'm not going to write down everything because heart to heart means they were things...from my heart. HAHA. I couldn't tell her everything because I didn't even have it figured out on my end, it would be even more confused in words.

I'm trying to figure it out. Was that normal or was that nice? The only advice I got was, I'm not the only one. Speaking our stories we spent an hour+ talking about this in the way only girls can do. Because if guys heard it they'd cry LOL.

I only found out after the words were out of my mouth that I'm still pissed. Because from the start you wanted a carbon copy. Ahhh, well. Awfully tragic, so sad, really too bad. I'll probably get over it soon.

We talked about wankit again. We talked more, I said more, and in the end it's the same :)

We talked about everyone now that I think of it.


One day I'll figure out how you've managed to alternately make me respect you and want to throw you OUT. THE BUILDING.

Ugh I can't believe I missed our first recce for a oral exam. I can't believe I missed our first recce TO GET LAUGHED AT. The examiner was laughing!! HE WAS FREAKING LAUGHING AT ME! Granted, I mixed up 'garden' with 'zoo' BUT WALAO EH. I was trying my best to talk actual comprehensible chinese the least you could do was hold your laughter in.

The worst part was on the other end of the room the examiner was laughing going, yes, yes, that's right to the CHINA KIA while on my end it was more like, ARE YOU FREAKING SERIOUS HAHAHAHAHA.

The reason why I sound so happy about this is because on my way out I took a detour on his foot.


He was a nice guy. He actually tried to help me out haha. Despite the fact that I had obviously no idea what I was saying. I am so sorry hwachong, I have just ruined your reputation as a chinese school.

Now I'm going to lose myself in the music. Thanks and bye :)

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