Friday, July 1, 2011


in the end I didn't get to go home go crazy and go sleep cause I had tkd, and really, I've been skipping it so much I don't even know the names of the new white belts. There's two kids called avaldamar and avaldascher or something, I twist my tongue trying to say it but haha they're trying pretty hard.

there was this scary fight today after tkd, over two kids stepping on a bag. it might not be a small infraction, but it's just too much to go around screaming swearing throwing a chair calling their dad a b*tch when he's a guy for goodness' sake get your insults right.

jeez, who's bullying who? and what the hell is, "we're girl's you know!?" Well I'm a girl. and here it is: there is absolutely no reason for guys to bow down to you making you feel superior and acting inferior just to make a balance between their perceptions of superiority and our insecurities. they were just kids, and they just didn't see your bag, you're adults, or at least you're old enough to be considered one, don't please don't scare the kids like that and don't throw chairs around you -



really, I wasn't going to swear. it was going to go along the lines of "you egotistical hypocritical horrible shameless-"


hmm. maybe I should just swear. it's, like, faster. well, whatever. that's enough LOL

jiax and I were talking about it, and that led to something else, which somehow led to something else, and two hours later we were still talking. I always learn something from you, and your perspectives. hours of thinking can lead back to the simplest things, but they're also the truest ones.

I've cried to you once, but I never thought you would do the same. it seems like even if you've found your rock, there are things which can blast it through with just one memory.

I don't understand how those things happened to you, why do people hurt the ones they love most?

oh oh oh listening to a happy song shikishiki this is bad I'm getting into a happy mood :D mmm, I don't think that what I have is intuitive, it's more like a habit. it could be a bad habit, but hey if it's going to tide me over then I'm happy I have it ^^

well she asked so I told her stories about tahan. I didn't think they were that funny, until she started laughing and rolled on the floor then I realised it was actually FREAKING FUNNY and we were laughing like mad.

then I told her something I've been thinking about, and she told me something I should have realised.

oh my gosh, it hasn't happened yet.

not yet :)

now since I've been spending the last ten minutes typing stuff that's just meant to make people think I have absolutely no idea what I'm saying, even though that might be true hahaha here's some tkd philosophy from sir who definitely knows what he's talking about:

blocking is actually a counterattack. sir gave me and jiax a one on two lesson and

if you can attack while blocking, and block while attacking, then hey YOU'RE SET FOR ANYTHING. at least for getting mugged in an dark alley, inward block-punch/sissy slap
isn't going to help the next block test.


apparently he can't teach this during the actual tkd lesson because the management is afraid they'll have 50 kids going around attacking people.

like they need to be taught

LOL joking, those kids are angels really

I am going to put in at least as much effort as you deserve, because you honestly deserve it, and I really want to do it.

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