Tuesday, July 5, 2011

high || "Someone Like You" - The Summer Set

And I just saw my previous post and realised you can TOTALLY tell that I'm already sleeping LOL HAHA

There's really nothing much to talk about today, except I crashed physics class. OH I CRASHED PHYSICS CLASS HAHA.

'Cause I thought it would be fun so I went. And it was SUPER FUN I don't get why the physics people in my class are so crazy hahaha. And it seems to be just them 'cause everyone else was sleeping LOL. I seriously didn't know why the guys behind were laughing half the time, and everytime they laughed I'd just ignore it...except three minutes later they'd still be laughing!? I should totally have taken triple science.

Or not. I'd die. Haha.

But yeah. It was fun :D Mrs Q (I don't know how to spell her name actually) came over and I was like, I'm eleanor HAHAH then she looked at me and paused..."no you're not, are you? O.O"

HOLY CRAP THEN EVERYONE STARTED LAUGHING. Because eleanor is like, 1m taller than me, with crazy curly cool hair, no specs and really athletic.

The most dumb part was five minutes into physics lecture, when the teacher announced that they were going to have some surprise test. I totally facepalmed. OH CRAPPPP

Then I....acted cute and smiled :D

Luckily the physics teachers are super nice and MrsQ said I could look if I wanted but no touch hohoho. I didn't get the paper anyway, there was one question where a small car pushed a big truck and there was something about force, and I was like, no, that's called a car crash LOL.

Ahhhh it was so funnn HAHAH.

Why can't bio be like that. Oh, ugh, I don't want to talk about bio today -_____-

Tomorrow is training day! Gosh I can't wait :)

Wedwedwednesday good luck J2's fight on! :)

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