Thursday, July 28, 2011

happy || "Smile" - Uncle Kracker

Today was like 27hills. LOL! Got high got low lah :D

Super high during some lessons - oh, CHEM HAHA! Mrsli was going through our planning exercises, then she said she didn't know if it was from our class but someone had drawn the diagram wrongly and put the beaker in the styrofoam cup instead of the other way round.

Then I looked down and saw it was ME HAHAHA OMG LOL. Stupid stupid but it was so funny xDD

Ehh...low after lit when I was waiting for econs people to be released. I just dropped on class bench and slept haha. Which led to some interesting events LOL. Now I can fold straws! (got link one! really!)

Lunch was a high, talking to the german exchange student was really fun! Her name's Alexandra and she's really really nice :) Apparently she finds Singapore hot haha I wonder what Germany is like! Probably freezing. Then we talked about eating snowflakes, and I said I wanted to run around till I had a mini ice mountain on my tongue LOL. Not so easy, she said. And snowflakes tastes weird :O

Math was amazingly sleepy. Like, amazingly. The kind where your head auto-sinks to the desk, it's like some freak gravity thing. Luckily mom was nice and let me sleep, though at the end she came and knocked the table (luckily not my head) Anyway I intend to improve (of course! xD) so I can look and my marks and smile :) (hopefully not )

Then I went gym and had A LOT OF FUN HAHA. After gymming zachary went to cardio room and we ran together haha it was fun xD it's quite cool that you can run like that after gymming O.O And if you look at the song up there...IT'S NOT UNCLE KRAB HAHAH XDD Oh man...oh no hahaha!

And then chinese! FUN. 老师 inspires me a lot. Actually all my chinese teachers since primary school have inspired me, though to this end HAHA. Well...I really will try harder. Though I'm focusing on chem lecture test first, a LOT depends on it.

And then went up to tahan room and found xinyi, solo, jitkai studying, and zhongY HAHA came after bio o. It's actually really productive studying there (Y). Also very cool studying next to zhonghui because his ultra-focus sort of emanates and makes me want to kick myself when I start to stone.

Despite everything I say haha it really is very admirable.


Of course. I can't believe this twist, it was written the other way round. Maybe it wasn't two separate from the start after all.

It was my own selfishness. I just don't want to see the look on your face.

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