Thursday, July 7, 2011

happy || "Brighter Than The Sun" - Colbie Caillat

Today I got my first paper, lit, back. And I was super, suuuuper happy when I saw my marks because I totally forgot to say anything about the damn sonnet form, which was a huge chunk of the interpretation and blah blah blah I thought I had the marks:11/50 (lowest in level)

Then I got it back and YAHOO I had the same as Joshua and I was like, YESSSS. Because he's always gotten 1 more mark than me, and I always wanted to kill him, then I wanted to kill me.

While I was walking home after lit I realised something.

GP is the paper Joshua keeps owning me at (by 1 mark). Lit is the paper I keep owning him at 'cause he sucks at lit hahaha.

Awww crap.

Now I shall demonstrate escapism. Last night I did my bio tutorial.

Then I finished the mcq and figured I was too shag to think properly when the chromosomes started dancing on the paper. I wanted to go to bed and sleep but then I still had loads to do so I made a compromise (sort of)

I took a sweet and put it in my mouth LOL. I went to bed and promised myself I'd get up and go back to the dancing chromosomes when the sweet disappeared.

I didn't know a sweet could take 30mins to get eaten HAHA or maybe I ate an everlasting gobstopper without knowing it. Anyway, like you already know, I fell asleep. Pro people who sleep at 4am every morning without missing a freaking beat, please stop laughing!

That's one way to describe escapism. I realised the next morning that's also one way to spell C-A-V-I-T-Y.

Luckily I have a dentist appointment end of the year haha. Oh CRAPPPP I have a dentist appointment!! *(&^%$$#$^

Yay youtube. I just saw these two songs in the suggestions bar one above the other

Guns N' Roses - Don't Cry
Michael Jackson - Cry

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