Saturday, July 16, 2011

happy || "Best Thing I Never Had" - Beyonce

We talked about everything from EC to enya (hmmm they both start with e) but we talked about it after tkd, at newton hawker centre so by the time I got on the bus it was pretty late.

I was spacing out thinking about stuff...and I was at sim lim before I realised I HAD TAKEN THE WRONG BUS.

No wait it was the right bus, but it was on the wrong side of the road. When I got off and looked at the bus directory I realised I was on my way to geylang HAHAHA. Then I was like crapppp and started walking to the bus stop opposite.

But I couldn't get opposite because of some construction work, so I just kept walking down this super long straight path looking for a way out. I ended up in some small side street. It was in little india so...yeah. There were indians. Like in little china - sorry, chinatown - there are chinakias? O.O


Because 1. It was super super dark and I was in some side street.

2. My handphone had just run out of battery

3. It had just started to drizzle. Which didn't freak me out it just...made me cold haha.

There was this chinese dude who had been walking in front of me the whole time, so I decided to follow him. (discreetly) (hopefully discreetly) (OMG I stalked him at 11.30pm at night in little india) I thought he would probably know a way out, because...well, I don't think he lived there.

So I followed him, turned right into a back alley o.O and kept walking straight and I was like, hmmm I think we're getting out AND THEN



There was this couple walking out and they saw me. And I saw them. And the chinese dude kept walking. I turned arouuuuuund LOLLLL.

I walked back that stupid long path and found out that...LOL. LOL. LOL. just thinking about it makes me sad. Anyway. I got out. Alive. Unharmed. Still a ---ERRRR HAHAHA

Anyway moral of the story is...take the right bus. On the right side of the road. DON'T SLEEPWALK ONTO A BUS YINGYUE.

Realise you're on the wrong side of the road faster yingyue.


Anyway anyway a note on tahanjts: AWESOME

That was fast :)

Tomorrow got GEMS and jts walao. Yuck. Ew. Ice skating. I have no balance. Crap.

Well since I have no balance. But it's ice skating!!! So just aim to not-really-fall while halfway falling, which is what I did when I tripped on the stairs up to the class benches from the canteen.

Ohhhh yeah it's going to be so awesome.


She said she would never want that because it would be too tiring. I thought about it and, rather than that, if it was already at that stage then there would be no need to work anything out.

She said there would, because that would be the person's character, see?

I said, OH YEAH.

Aww shucks.

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