Tuesday, July 12, 2011

down || "Genie In A Bottle" - Christina Aguilera

I basically refuse to let my mood drop and crumble and shoot up and burn just because I can't get a grasp on what the hell is going on.

LOL 3 tries and I still have no idea what to say. Blogging is supposed to help condense [DNA!] and help things make a little bit of sense [when I'm not whining, like now] but 3 tries just made things 3 times messier. Which is actually what I say when my parents ask me to clean up my room.

Something written was that, a lot of effort was being put in, and that was admired.

Come to the end and now at a new start, I know the answer already. I wouldn't be here if I didn't know it.

That's what I've been telling myself.

Tsk tsk yingyue you just took an afternoon nap and you're so moody.

Well, being a clueless idiot is fine sometimes. I hope. And being a moody kid is fine sometimes too. I understand now what you said about it being instinctive. But I still think it's just a habit. I'm getting down? Oh think of something stupidly random and make myself high!


Go savour your bad mood and tell your [4] bears all about it. Or take it out on math, that thing that packs a huge amount of pain in every punch. Poke it with your pen! I used to play guitar 'cause it'd hurt but now that the strings broke...HAHA now we know who's stronger. LOLLL

Maybe it's instinctive after all xD

-----------------------------whining end--------------------------------

Today I found out that Joshua is a 'D', some dumbo who's got a high sense of responsibility and feels very strongly about his ethics. Whereas I'm an 'A' who's got gray areas and would rather choose the path that causes the least hurt. So put us together and...don't worry, if it's him I'll argue like there's no tomorrow. Feelings? What feelings? :P

I seriously wouldn't mind if all mondays were like yesterday. Except ---. CRAP WHINING ENDED. IT ENDED. LOL. Basically that was your fault yingyue you doofus. You goofus!

Firstly, I declare that I said nothing lame at all. Not just now, I mean, I'm talking yesterday. During training.

Secondly, I admit I got owned by zhonghui and zachary at running LOL. They're beyond scary already, it's more like some alien duo zooming by. Good job! (Y)

Thirdly, I think the waterman needs fewer gay partners.

Fourthly, I think watermen are a little alike. We all think too much. LOL. So one day try to stretching, and doing some pullups, then roll around a bit and just stare at the sky doing nothing :D It probably achieves nothing but it'll be fun to watch.

LOL. KIDDING. It might achieve something who knows? I've never done it xD

Fifthly, [is that even a word?] I think mornings are really great times to play pranks. Actually mornings are great, period. Which reminds me of classmate-chan who said he woke up and the first word he said was F*CK!! I laughed 'cause the first thing I thought this morning was, awesome!

No, I still want to correction tape math till it can't find it's own bottom. Really, I do.

HAHAHA I just spent 5 mins of my life trying to log into high school EMB!

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