Saturday, July 30, 2011

comfortable || "星空恋曲" - 邓福如

Recently I realised that we are, all of us, already almost-adults. We're not kids anymore, but we don't have any mature responsibilities yet (most of us). It's interesting.

Recently I've been thinking too much LOL.

I want to watch Studio Ghibli again. Hmmm...I might as well remake my wishlist.

Hmmm. Actually I don't really want a lot of things. Having them makes me happy, but when I think about what I really want...I have them, mostly :) The rest are stuffs that I can work hard towards, or stuff that's just poignant now.

I'm happy I got to experience it. I shouldn't be too greedy now x)

Today's a happy-scent day ^^

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