Sunday, July 10, 2011

amused || "Baby Love" - Nicole Scherzinger ft.


Yup the rain stopped. I got to run <3

On a side note, I realised today I've posted three times. (Y) Which is actually mainly because I've been hiding here while my cousin goes crazy outside. In the com room he can usually bug me every half an hour. Outside he crawls all over me like, every minute. When he's not crying. And screaming. Or eating. Or ignoring me when I ignore him only to come back and stand 2 feet away staring at me until I look back at him O.O

I don't think he likes me so much. He probably has sensors that tell him that, unlike my mom and dad, I'm not going to try and teach him pincer skills/motor skills/whatever LOL. I'm just going to ignore him. Or tickle him HAHA!

Whatever. He's cute :D

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