Monday, June 27, 2011


somehow today I realized how lame it would be if the watergirl died from water (which means drowning)

yep so I went swimming!

haha actually the ankle twist from our last namly training suddenly acted up and walking got painful, so yeah. swimming :D

when I got there the small pool was crowded with a family that had a mom, dad, two kids and a baby, and while I was deciding whether or not to join the party their grandparents came over, and I decided nuh-uh nope and went over to the...dumdumdumdummm...ADULT POOL.

LOL XDD it was actually super deep when I got in at first I was like, eh why haven't I reached the bottom yet!?


weird things going on, I'm not so good at these kinds of situations. I think the end is pretty obvious, but does it have to be that way?

this is a perfect double bind


yay after two hours of lit and three hours of GP I am in LIT MODE ^^ I shall include henceforth, thereafter, werewithal, and whereupon in my bio, math and chem paper and get a

!?! 0/14

for my trouble :D

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