Wednesday, June 22, 2011

sour plum sweets

whoa just finished watching part 1 and 2 of the tahan video montage :D

I think I've done wayyyy too many :joshua:solo:zachary:zhonghui:yanruis so I've decided to do a

:yingyue! :D

you need to seriously hurry up and start doing your work. your parents let you do tahan and stuff because they trusted in you, and believed that you would keep up. BUT YOU'RE NOT. I'm very disappointed in you :(

on another note, good job on completing tahan! :) it wasn't easy. now, there are many things you need to improve on. and just saying it isn't enough, you have to do it!

firstly, learn the song lyrics PROPERLY so you can sing the whole darn song instead of a 30second clip, you're not itunes.

secondly, up your fitness please. you're constantly being surprised whenever you hear that the climb was easy, because you always find it really tough. so up your physical.

talking about physical, after you came down your physicals were really shot to bits. you couldn't run at all LOL please try and get back up to your previous standard.

I think you get things sometimes and don't get them other times, and after thinking about it you just get confused. so just - trust your feelings, why don't you try that?

please be more honest with your feelings.

even when you're cui, stop zoning out - THIS IS IMPORTANT :)

your last trip before next year's ayam with juniors, is the wilson trail. I want to see improvement. YOU BETTER SHOW IMPROVEMENT. get over your fear of heights, your fear of cold, your fear of the dark, your fear of leeches AND BECOME INVINCIBLE!!

...or something like that :D


good job on everything up to here. really. if you stay the way you are, I don't think it's so bad actually, there's just some things you can [okay, many things] brush up on. but as long as you know it, then that's one step forward already.

good luck on everything after this. and please put in your 100% :)


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