Friday, June 24, 2011



I do not have a disease for goodness' sake hahaha!! gosh more people are taking note of me (my feet) than I'd realized, even if it's just when I'm walking to NTUC to get stuff. Before I know it people are going to send their condolences to my parents...

or have they already? O.O

haha oh no HAHAHAHAHA!! I'm having way too much fun with this! It's just a little too funny >v< yay. yayballs <- LOL

oh man I kind of like my slippers mismatched

not anything else though >.>

good job sour plum candy you're still half a candy container full! maybe you'll even last long enough to fuel me during the exams who knows.

oh today I was reading manga and -

yes I was reading manga my exam results are just going to sit down shovel a hole and bury themselves - but since that's what I was going to do after 2 hours of pointless studying...

but anyway I was reading manga and somewhere in the middle I was thinking, wow japanese students must have such a sad life. thank goodness this sort of thing only happens in japan, not here. then I realized. IT DOES HAPPEN HERE!! OMG it took me so long to realize I'm such an idiot idiot idiot

self-deprecations aside :D I'm gonna go run! for the first time in nearly a week. since before couldn't count, I was sort of bouncing a little, then I gave up and walked. Now I shall



yay tkd tkd tkd then shopping with my mom after. life is gooooooood - if I ignore the pile of revision on the table :P

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