Wednesday, June 29, 2011


I just learnt some pretty cool things

1. 9 hours doesn't mean a thing when you're not awake to use them

2. PROTEINALICIOUS! :D LOL before bio vanessa was reading her notes out loud trying to make them stick and I was listening crazy hard trying to make it stick too and then I heard...


although it was actually proteinaceous which means something though I have no idea what. but somehow that's such a cute word right :D

talking about cute, I just realised that there's a miniature camel in the com room. I have no idea why. I also have no idea why I only just saw it but it's a shaggy double-humped camel and it's SUPER CUTE xD. it's okay that it's ugly cause...cute means........ugly but adorable...................... >.>

ughhh I'm going to go study math now :)
wait, was that a smiley face?


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