Tuesday, June 28, 2011


you know there's a story in winnie the pooh, I think, about how it's a day of good luck if you catch a falling leaf before it reaches the ground?

well, blog-chan, today I caught two leaves. though they sort of smacked me in the face. is that considered a catch? O.O
merriam-webster dictionary defines catch: to capture or seize especially after pursuit. hmm. to take or entangle in. to discover unexpectedly. ahhhh.

actually, I'm just wasting time. I'm being mean to myself, because I'm figuring that I have - from 9 to 6 - nine hours to study, which is more than enough :D

well I should be able to tell tomorrow, if it's a lucky day then it's true! then I shall be like an idiot running around botanical garden trying to get leaves to smack me. LOL.

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