Sunday, June 19, 2011


haha actually I'm really sleepy but I think it might be better to post now than tomorrow, cause now the memories are FRESH! like my mosquito bites! and my cuts. and my bruises. and me!

ah well, just being lame :D I bet these memories will be just as vivid tomorrow, the day after, a year later...always

climbing gunung tahan was exhilirating, fun, sometimes a mental torture, sometimes a physical torture and sometimes both. my condition now is crazy itching mosquito/sandfly bites, swollen feet, about 3 dead toenails, some cuts, abrasions and bruises and some other stuff LOL. ok let's see how I got these battle scars!


Day -1!
oh, I might forget some stuff...oh well! :D this was friday, when we were supposed to meet at tanjong pagar train station. haha I met zachary and zhonghui at around 5+ in tahan room cause I needed to pack my bag, and they returned to drop off the extra tahan shirts. anyway we got lost xDD and were late, really a bit dui bu qi to seniors and the many laolaos that came to send us off! we ate at somewhere, the food was really good :D haha yanrui bought a $4 egg omelet that was so oily no one wanted it.

had a fun time eating with laolaos, teammates and seniors. chunhui was saying during dinner that a horse was a cow+dog or something, it was super funny xD

then there was gift exchange and...omg suddenly I'm really tired.

tell you what. I'll do this properly tomorrow!

haha but thinking back at this trip, it really passed by quickly. I remember on the first day when I was scared sick of the leeches, wanting to just get back home and ESCAPE and now I'm already home. no matter how many times I bounce on my bed and hug my bolster I somehow wouldn't mind another night in a tent. unless it rains. and if there's a god damn tornado. but still :D

ahhh, trying not to think about some things doesn't mean they'll go away. actually at this point with my mind in this state I'm currently thinking and feeling that it doesn't really matter now. but does it? O.O I'll have to consider this properly. but then there's no time. there's time for studying but there's no time for this, how messed up is that. haha but there probably IS time, I'm just trying to avoid thinking about it :)

now apparently I can't change the way you think. or the way anyone thinks, for that matter LOL :D and thank goodness or everyone would be as screwed up as me...HOHOHO. actually nah even if I could change the way people think I wouldn't make them think the same as me, 'cause that wouldn't just be weird, it'd be boring and scary. oh but back to the point, the point is...either you'll get over it or you won't, but I definitely am going to. so there!

yay after my handphone finishes charging, if I'm still awake, I'll have to bother everyone! joshua and solo's feet, solo's mild hypothermia, zachary's slight? fever, zhonghui's sprained ankle and bites, and EH yanrui's emerged pretty unscathed except for 6 gunshot wounds to his stomach but what the? HAHA he's yanrui! that's nothing LOL

I've really been taken care of this trip. Owe alot of thanks to everyone, really...oops my dad's here I guess it's time for my second med application wahhh...NIGHT :D

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