Wednesday, June 22, 2011


for the first time my parents asked to see the fb pics of my tahan climb.

so I showed them! which might not have been a good idea when they saw the clip of me putting cream on solo's back, but HAHA :D they had alot of interesting comments to make, and some of them were pretty surprising, seeing as they were only

then I showed my mom tahan incamp, graduation and physical selection pictures.

when she saw the tahan incamp pictures she said

my goodness my little girl cried so much! she looks so sad!

and I was like...but I couldn't help it!

and she hugged me, must have confidence!

...but it's got nothing to do with that!!

then we laughed. haha. I think she got a kind of shock seeing me cry around 8 nians straight. sighh.


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