Thursday, June 23, 2011


funniest thing that happened today:

yanrui: you know in this world there are two types of birds, birds that can fly and birds that can't LOLLL

like really, since when did we become so sick HAHA. or is it inevitable since we're all [minus one] guys.

I'm meeting jiaxin tmr for tkd, I don't know how I'm going to kick with my feet in that state. I don't think anyone will want to receive my kicks too LOL. I look like I have some kind of infectious disease...BUT I LIKE MY FEET. they're not just mosquito-bitten leech-bitten thorn-scratched legs, they're also legs that've gone through some unimaginable things and survived. I actually hope a tiny scar somewhere will survive as a sort of souvenir...though I don't need to bother wishing, I think more scars than I want are gonna stay.

or maybe not? :D jiayous, skin!!

I keep on thinking about what cui wrote in my grad secretary letter. Must consider carefully, because it'll be important next year.

it's true, though, size doesn't matter! :DD

yay some music for all the people who've decided to take a *AHEM* break from studying xDD

note: please don't bother actually watching it, it's kinda creepy. the song's nice, though :D

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