Tuesday, April 20, 2010


Finished watching Suicide Club :]

As the movie director insists so forcefully that the ending wasn't a mistake, then...well, I guess it does make for some thinking. Like why, for instance, the girl at the end didn't commit suicide, when so many others did. What was it she had that they didn't?

I think it's cause she made an effort to understand people around her, because she believed in herself...perhaps because she was unafraid to show her pain to the world and just be who she was, instead of conforming to what people thought she should be.

Ever felt like you aren't who you are? If you don't get that, then you haven't.

It's like you talk but the words coming out isn't really what you want to say. Like you feel so tired, so tired after everything because you know that you're exhausting yourself trying so hard. I think perhaps the most, most popular people are the ones who know exactly who they are.

There are popular bitches who are popular because, well, they're bitches. But they're not the ones I'm talking about. the ones I refer to are the ones you genuinely like and everyone flocks around, the ones that are one in a million, because they really, truly, understand themselves and they like what they see.

Or at least they are brave enough to accept what they see and change it from there. I'd like to learn from them :)

Are you trying to find yourself too? It's going to be difficult. Because even after you find yourself, you still must have the courage to accept what you find.

But still I think we're the most beautiful person to be. So don't give up. Even when you don't want to change, it's even more tiring to forever be someone you're not. I think. Maybe I'm immature. But then I think we need a bit more immaturity.

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